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2014 Election Notice

U.S. House of Representatives #1

Donna McAleer (D), Park City

David Yu-Lin Chu (R), Provo

Peter C. Clemens (D), North Ogden

Dwayne A. Vance (Independent American), Salt Lake City

Rob Bishop (R), Brigham City

Craig Bowden (Libertarian), North Ogden

Utah State Senate District #17

Kirk Pearson (Constitution), Lake Point

Peter C. Knudson (R), Brigham City

Scott Totman (D), Stansbury Park

Utah State House District #1

Oakley D. Nelson (R), Elwood

Lee H. Phipps (Constitution), Brigham City

Scott Sandall (R), Tremonton

Dorene Schultze-Stever (D), Penrose

Utah State House District #29

Lee B. Perry (R), Perry

Alan G. Yorgason (D), Plain City

Utah Attorney General

W. Andrew McCullough (Libertarian), Lehi

Charles A. Stormont (D), Salt Lake City

Sean D. Reyes (R), Cottonwood Heights

Leslie D. Curtis (Independent American), Payson

Gregory G. Hansen (Constitution), Provo

Utah State School Board

Terryl Warner (Unaffiliated), Hyrum

Lydia Nuttal (Unaffiliated), Mountain Green

Pamela Smith (Unaffiliated), Mountain Green

Jennie L. Earl (Unaffiliated), Morgan

Bryce B. Day (Unaffiliated). Perry

Matthew Barr (Unaffiliated), Morgan

Angie Bledsoe (Unaffiliated), Mountain Green

Kera Birkeland (Unaffiliated), Mountain Green

Lanelle Brough Butterfield (Unaffiliated), Morgan

Box Elder County Commissioner Seat A

Jeffrey P. Kent, (R), Tremonton

Jeff Hadfield (R), Perry

Box Elder County Commission Seat B

Jeffrey D. Scott (R), Brigham City

Darwin E. Bingham (R), Honeyville

Box Elder County Assessor

Rodney D. Bennett (R), Honeyville

Box Elder County Attorney

Stephen R. Hadfield (R), Brigham City

Box Elder County Auditor

Tom Kotter (R), Perry

Box Elder County Clerk

Marla R. Young (R), Brigham City

Box Elder County Recorder

Chad Montgomery (R), Willard

Box Elder County Sheriff

Joseph Lynn Yeates (R), Brigham City

Darren Keith Phelps (R), Willard

Box Elder County Treasurer

Shaun R. Thornley (R), Brigham City

Box Elder School Board District #3

JuDean Parkinson (Non-Partisan), Honeyville

Wade H. Hyde (Non-Partisan), Brigham City

Box Elder School Board District #4

Carrie Ann King Johnson (Non-Partisan), Brigham City

Box Elder School Board District #7

Karen Cronin (Non-Partisan), Perry

To view candidate filings visit www.boxeldercounty.org.

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